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About Us

Skillz Entertainment is an organization that thrives on the worlds love for entertainment. Our business is supported by the multitude of students, fans, clients and businesses that are affected, both directly and indirectly, by the world of entertainment.

Skillz Entertainment was designed to create an atmosphere that encourages higher levels of education, growth and professionalism amongst entertainers and business professionals alike. We provide professional resources and networking opportunities that promote mass multi-media marketing concepts, client, business and project development solutions.

The world is filled with so many expressions of talent and beauty. Consequently, there will always be an audience in search of the next ‘shining star.’ Nonetheless, with the advent of some of today’s merging technologies, including Hi-Definition Television and Internet Technology, we have designed an infrastructure that will give the world an opportunity to embrace talent that has never before been seen! Hence, we are ‘empowering the independent artist’ and allowing them to have a chance at success - even if they have never signed a major contract! Likewise, aspiring entertainers will have at their fingertips valuable resources designed to assist in educating them and protecting their intellectual property.
Correspondingly, small businesses and large corporations alike are encouraged to take advantage of the prosperous opportunities that abound within the Entertainment Industry and the Skillz Entertainment organization. Our dedicated staff of professionals understands the important concepts of identifying customer needs, providing effective cost analysis and strategic planning for all clients.

So, whether you’re a fan, artist, independent film company or business owner Skillz Entertainment is perfect for you! We look forward to working with you in an effort to solidify your future in the Entertainment Industry!

About Us